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Our counseling department is still operational, and available our normal business hours 8:00 am -5:00 pm. All counseling services are now remote instead of in-person until further notice.


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Are You Buying a House or a Home?

Each member of the OCU team is unique, and that helps us empathize with our members who are also unique. When you can walk in a member’s shoes, you’re more likely to provide the right solution. For our mortgage borrowers, you might assume their “right solution” is the lowest possible rate.  Since interest rates can […]

Vehicle Financing

My fiancé has driven the same vehicle since he drove it off the showroom floor 13 years ago. With the decision made to retire this vehicle in favor of something more reliable and more importantly affordable, we began the process of looking for the right family vehicle.  His birthday was coming up and living through […]